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Yacht Trends

The yachting industry has been busy. As yacht insurance specialists, we’re always watching what’s winning awards and what’s getting all the buzz. Here are some of the hottest trends we’ve seen in new yachts, from the 48′ Ocean Alexander to superyachts like the 350′ Black Pearl, an award-winning sailing yacht:

Environmentally-friendly vessels. More and more, we see a focus on sustainable building materials, eco-friendly paint, and designs that maximize natural light and require lower levels of fuel consumption. Even better, while the newest propulsion systems require less fuel, there’s real optimism that hybrid yacht batteries will improve significantly in the next few years.

Multihulls are appealing (even among superyachts). With the focus is on yachts that leave a less negative environmental impact, it’s impossible to ignore that catamarans and trimarans are very efficient. Renowned naval architect, Jean-Jacque Coste, has predicted that the multihull will become the standard before long.

Technological advancements are improving safety and security. There are some exciting safety and anti-theft features, which bodes well for yacht insurance rates, in addition to an increase in “smart-home” gadgets. Communication is improving, making working from a yacht less stressful than in previous years when owners lost connectivity. (Remember to discuss new technology with your yacht insurance specialists to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for repair or replacement.)

Interiors are bright. There’s lots of natural light, enhanced with more floor-to-ceiling glass to exteriors and full glass walls in interiors to open up space. Luxury has gone from opulent to minimalist, and it’s very striking with high-quality natural fibers, renewable woods, and metals.

Explorer yachts are all the rage. These vessels have both luxury and practicality. A full complement of amenities, stronger hulls, ample storage space, larger refrigerators, and bigger cabin areas allow you to comfortably explore more remote areas.

The designs we saw in 2020 have been very thoughtful and creative. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s unveiled in 2021.

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