Making Boat Insurance Claims

What to do after an accident:

  • Check the welfare of all passengers for possible injuries
  • Take all necessary steps to protect your vessel from further damage
  • Report your loss to Global Marine or your insurance carrier as soon as possible
  • Report claims involving theft, vandalism or other crimes to local law enforcement
  • Get contact information of anyone involved and take pictures if possible at the scene
  • Don’t admit or discuss responsibility for the injuries or accident
  • If requested give your insurance companies and agents contact information only

Report claims by calling or emailing our office at: 800-748-0224 ext 1 or filing online below:

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Thank you for trusting us with your marine insurance. We look forward to helping you. After you send your claim message via this form, your claim will be filed the next business day. Then a Claims Adjuster will be in contact with you usually within 2-3 business days later. If you have additional questions regarding your claim, please contact us at 800-748-0224 or by email at Please include your policy number with all correspondence. After completing this form, the page will display, and you will receive an email regarding the details of the claim process, so you know what to expect.