Hydrogen-Powered Eco-Friendly Yacht

One exciting new development we’ve been following in the yacht insurance industry is the move to becoming more environmentally responsible. You can now own an environmentally- friendly mega yacht.

That’s right: An eco- friendly mega yacht.

While that might seem contradictory, a team of innovators at Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design devoted nearly half a year to design the green mega yacht they call, Aqua. It offers every luxury with a mindful design that minimizes the carbon footprint. Their big challenge was, of course, how to power such a massive luxury superyacht without using a diesel engine. The solution? They implemented the use of liquid hydrogen and fuel cells. 

This groundbreaking new development in the world of luxury superyacht design is good news for everyone concerned about the future of our planet. The Aqua boasts five decks and can carry 31 crew members and up to 14 guests. Harnessing a more natural fuel source allowed the Sinot team to explore creative design and modern aesthetics. It underscores the need for a yacht insurance provider that understands the latest innovations in the marine industry.

The Sinot team drew inspiration for Aqua’s exterior from the ocean, using gentle rounded lines and glass band windows that echo the beauty of the undulation of waves. Inside, luxury abounds but in a minimalistic Japanese-inspired design. Imagine natural fibers and tones with an emphasis on beauty augmented by spacious, uncluttered living spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of natural light.

The Aqua design features a master pavilion, a formal dining room, four generous staterooms, and two luxurious master staterooms, and a health and wellness center. On deck, guests will enjoy a cascading infinity pool and ample alfresco lounging space.

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