Charter Boat Insurance

Charter boat captains get to share their love of the open water and fishing expertise with those who don’t often have the opportunity to track and catch the big ones. Charter boat insurance can help you protect your vessel and yourself while you focus on the task at hand. Whether you own and operate a six-pack or a smaller vessel, Global Marine Insurance Agency’s commercial underwriting specialists can help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. To receive a charter boat insurance quote, please contact us.

Charter Coverage Options

For charter owners, having the proper coverage for your boat or boats is a vital component in how you are able to run your business. Appropriate, but highly priced coverage can have almost as big an impact on your business as a lack in coverage can. At Global Marine, we understand the specific requirements and exposures charter owners and operators face when it comes to commercial boat insurance coverage as well as the need for that coverage to remain affordable. At Global Marine, we’ll work with you to find charter boat insurance that fits your budget and offers the coverage you need to effectively protect your business.

There are a variety of different coverage options to consider when it comes to charter boat insurance. Some of the most important include:

  • Hull Coverage – Protect against damage sustained to the hull, engine, navigation and other equipment
  • Protection & Indemnity – Coverage for legal liability for loss events occurring on a watercraft which is navigated by you or an authorized employee
  • General Liability – Protects a business from alleged bodily injury, personal injury, property damage liability claims, including services rendered and products sold
  • Bumbershoot Coverage – Protects against larger, catastrophic liability claims

To learn more about the commercial boat insurance coverage options or to request a charter boat insurance quote call Global Marine Insurance at 800-748-0224 today.

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