Yacht Tender Maintenance & Care

yacht tenderYacht ownership is a lot of fun, but there are some responsibilities.  In addition to insurance and maintenance, yacht owners need to be vigilant about tender maintenance and care as well.

Whether your yacht tender is an inflatable dinghy or a rigid inflatable boat, it is vital to ensure that it is in good shape for either recreational purposes or emergency situations.

Yacht tenders are versatile, ideal to use to dive or fish, to take passengers to shore, or for short excursions as well as the event of a crisis situation on the water.

Frequent use can cause damage. Here are some pointers to consider for proper maintenance and care. Protect the inflatable from:

  • Damage caused by punctures, either from things brought on board (such as diving knives) or sharp rocks and other debris underwater.
  • Abrasion over time by repeated use, for example from oars or ropes.
  • Damage from salt water or sand left inside, causing deterioration or clogging of air valves
  • Harsh chemical cleaners that can harm the exterior and interior of inflatables or rigid inflatable tenders (be certain to use mild cleaners according to manufacturer’s guidelines).
  • Damage resulting from storage or trailering.
  • Wear and tear from frequent exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, and saltwater.
  • The negative effects caused by rust, oxidation, mold, and mildew.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance and detailing will protect the investment you make in a yacht tender.

Don’t wait until problems are extensive. Protect surfaces, seal finishes, and clean regularly to keep your tender like new. Stay on top of repairs and use reputable products or service providers to ensure the work is done right. Proper storage is important to extend the life of your inflatable or rigid inflatable boat, especially during the off-season.

Is your dinghy or yacht tender covered by your insurance? Not all yacht insurance extends to accessories or specialty items. A specialized marine policy provided by Global Marine Insurance offers necessary options for yacht owners.

It is advisable to speak with a Global Marine Insurance specialist familiar with the unique coverage requirements for luxury boat owners. Your policy can be custom tailored with comprehensive coverage for yacht tender use:

  • Ferry passengers
  • Enjoy recreational activities
  • Escape an emergency situation at sea

Don’t leave your insurance coverage to chance. Work with marine insurance professionals who understand the unique needs of yachting enthusiasts.

Protect your yacht and yacht tender with comprehensive insurance coverage. Speak with a boat insurance expert at Global Marine Insurance about competitive boat and yacht insurance rates for all your boating needs.

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