Yacht Island Hopping

Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

As you prepare for summer boating in Florida, don’t forget to review your yacht insurance and make plans to explore a few new locations. Here are some of our favorites. A little planning will allow you to enjoy them, confident that you have the proper yacht insurance coverage.

kids on a yacht

Our top three favorite spots for yachting adventures in Florida include:

Jupiter – This idyllic destination on Florida’s Central Coast is a must if you like to surf or want to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic loggerhead sea turtles who nest here (experts say from about March to October). You can visit the downtown for restaurants and entertainment or enjoy the panoramic view from atop the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Amenities are top-notch here, no doubt because it’s a popular destination for celebs like Celine Dion and Tiger Woods – both of whom are reported to own vacation properties.

Merritt Island – You can’t go wrong boating in Florida, the boating capital of America, but Merritt Island sure gets everything right. From outdoor recreational opportunities like swimming, fishing, and watersports to dropping by the National Wildlife Refuge to watch for wildlife like deer, alligators, dolphins, and manatees, you won’t be disappointed. There are delicious eateries and, of course, the famous Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Pine Island – A visit to the largest island in Florida is good for the soul. This quiet, secluded island is located on the Gulf of Mexico of southwest Florida. While it’s less than an hour away from Fort Myers, it feels tranquil and remote. Visitors here enjoy the small-town atmosphere and quaint shops as well as kayaking, fishing or birdwatching. The island boasts not only mangroves but also three aquatic preserves and countless palm trees.

Wherever you go in Florida, remember to review the state boating laws and regulations. You can learn about free yacht safety checks here.

Contact our yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to review your insurance coverage requirements before you embark on your summer cruising along the coast of Florida.

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