Where to Keep Your Boat

Marina - yachts, docksThings to consider before you decide whether to rent or purchase a slip, moor your boat, or dry dock.

What are the pros and cons? You need to know what you risk and what you could gain for each option. If you’re looking for a low price point, for example, moorings can be cheap – but then your boat is potentially at higher risk of damage from storms or accidents with other boaters (and then you’re going to need to call your boat insurance rep). Public docks can be more cost-effective but won’t necessarily offer the amenities and security of private yacht clubs. Wet docks are arguably more convenient than arranging to get your boat into the water at a dry dock, but they are typically more expensive.

What security is offered for boat owners? This is a priority for most of us (and not just your boat insurance company). Ask if the facility is locked, if access is restricted, and how security is managed. Some facilities are unlocked while others may have on-site security patrols. The costs may be higher for greater security. However, it’s often worthwhile.

What is accessibility like? If a facility is remote, that could make it more difficult or expensive to get to your boat. That cost could make a more conveniently located facility that is a bit more pricey a better option regarding your time and mileage to and from your boat. High traffic areas, however, can also increase the risk of accidents with other boaters and make it a little more difficult to get out on the water safely and quickly.

Is the atmosphere pleasant? Is this a place you would like to spend your free time? If you plan to sleep on your boat at the docks, stop by the proposed dock in the evening to see discover the noise and activity level.

What is service like? If you’re going to be dealing with marina staff, you want to know that they are attentive to customer needs. Ideally, you can find a staff that understands boating and safe boating practices at a facility that is well maintained. Think about what amenities you’ll need and check them out. Ask to see the electrical hook-ups for batteries, access to clean running water, carts to use on the dock, and extra amenities including dump stations, showers, and laundry.

Take the time to investigate, reflect, and review your options with as much information as possible to make the best decision for your budget and needs.

Similarly, it’s always good to evaluate your boat insurance. Call the boat insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance and let our knowledgeable team review your coverage and present the best options available for your recreational or commercial boat.

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