Global Marine Insurance: Top Boating Vacation Destinations

Boating is a great way to spend your vacation and there are a plethora of amazing boating destinations. Check out some of our favorite destinations to get ideas for your next vacation. Before you take off on your boating excursion, make sure to check your boat insurance coverage to ensure that you will be fully covered in the event of an incident.

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Lake Cumberland is part of a Tennessee and Kentucky chain of lakes. It’s located in the southern part of Kentucky with 1,255 miles of shoreline it’s the largest manmade lake in the world. Lake Cumberland’s size, natural surroundings and beautiful coves make it the perfect location for an extended boating excursion. You can spend a week or more just floating along and enjoying the water. The clear waters and rocky tree lined shore create a relaxing atmosphere for a great adventure. You can take your cabin cruiser and float down the winding canals and explore the quiet little coves for days. Or bring your ski boat and tie it up to the back of a houseboat rental allowing you the best of both worlds. No matter what you do you’re bound to have a great time exploring this beautiful area.

The Florida Keys

All types of boaters can enjoy the Florida Keys. From fishing to sailing, the Florida Keys are perfect for any type of water entertainment. Did you know there are actually about 1,700 islands that make up the Florida Keys? Most of them are not assessable by car. You can spend days afloat exploring or rent a home or hotel on shore and enjoy beautiful day trips. Make sure before you head down to the crystal clear waters that you check your boat insurance coverage. It’s especially easy to damage your boat on coral reefs.

A few things to remember for safe boating in this area are to watch out for water that appears brown or white. Shallow areas of water appear white and coral reefs may give the water a brown appearance. Also, wearing polarized glasses, keeping an eye out for mooring buoys and going slow in unfamiliar areas will also help you stay safe while boating in this unique area.

Lake Michigan

Each of the Great Lakes can provide an amazing boating experience, but at Global Marine Insurance we are partial to Lake Michigan since it’s in our backyard. Over 100 miles wide and more than 300 miles long, it’s shear size ensures a wide variety of boating opportunities from cruising the Chicago shoreline, to sailing to Mackinaw Island for the weekend or wakeboarding in the Grand Traverse Bay. While planning your trip you will want to review your boat insurance policy to ensure that your coverage is adequate and make sure that you have the ability to reliably access weather updates while you are on the water. The weather on the Great Lakes can change quickly and the Michigan area in particular is known for it’s dramatic weather changes from one hour to the next.

Lake Powell, Arizona

Lake Powell is the second largest manmade lake in the US, and like Lake Cumberland it is full of houseboats and other vacationers. This 186 mile long Arizona gem is a great location for your next boating vacation. You can just cruise the breathtaking shoreline for days or let off some steam skiing and wakeboarding on the pristine waters. The picturesque red rock shoreline is sure to captivate you.

Check back for more boating vacation destination ideas and remember to check your boat insurance coverage to make sure it’s the best policy for you. If you have any questions about your boat insurance policy you can reach one of our customer service representatives at (800) 748-0224 or email

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