Trailering & Yacht Insurance

If something happens to your boat when trailering, will your yacht insurance cover damages?

transporting boat & yacht insuranceIt is as important to understand how your yacht insurance policy applies when your boat is off the water as well as on it. Insurance is meant to protect you against risk, and any time you transport your vessel there is a risk of collision or other accident.

If someone is injured in an accident involving your boat trailer or if they are hurt around your yacht while on the trailer, you could be found liable.

While national statistics on how many deaths and injuries are caused specifically by boat trailers are not readily available, there is a website devoted to promoting awareness about the dangers of improper trailer use. According to, trailers have killed over 15,000 Americans since 1975.

We all know that taking any vehicle on the road is a potential for any number of issues, from flat tires and mechanical failures to theft and vandalism.

Make sure you have the yacht insurance coverage you need for adequate liability coverage as well as protection of your boat and its contents while trailering. If you are trailering your boat to a new destination, it is also important to check with your boat insurance company to ensure that your coverage applies when you arrive in the new area.

Before you transport your vessel by trailer, check that you have the yacht insurance coverage you need. You may want to consider standard and more specialized insurance such as:

  • Liability: To protect you if you are responsible for damage to other property, vehicles or injuries to others
  • Comprehensive: To protect you in the event of damage to your boat and trailer from things like fire or vandals
  • Collision: To protect you if you are involved in a collision that results in damage
  • Theft: To protect you if someone steals from your boat while on a trailer (consider things like contents and specialized gear such as fishing equipment or electronics)

When you want to protect the investment you have made in your boat and safeguard your own liability in event of an accident, the right yacht insurance makes all the difference.

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