Taking in the Moment: Blind Man Goes Sailing

Have you recently set aside some time to slow life down, look around, and simply breathe a deep breath to take in the moment? Remember when you were younger and couldn’t wait to grow up and be in control of your life? Now, sometimes as an adult, you forget to really enjoy those special moments you anxiously looked forward to as a child. I find that at times it’s important to gain some perspective. Take, for example, Ed Gallagher.

Mr. Gallagher is a 59-year-old man who loves to sail. But he doesn’t sail like you or I—Mr. Gallagher is blind.

Wearing a webcam on his head and a Netbook computer in hand, Ed hits the open waters with his guide dog, Genoa.  He communicates back to shore with Herb Meyer, who gives Ed instructions through streaming webcam video.

“I used to listen to the old blind guys who had been sailing for years say you don’t really need your eyes,” Ed says. “I wanted the ability for blind people to truly sail by themselves without a whole crew.”

Today, we here at Global Marine Insurance want to remind you to stop and smell the roses, gain some perspective, and like Ed Gallagher has done—take a moment to enjoy the open water.

What are some things that have helped you gain perspective? Let us know in the comments below.

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