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super yacht

Are you in the market for a super-yacht? One of the longest mega-yachts was one of 19 on view recently in Dubai, getting attention from yacht enthusiasts, reporters, and marine insurance companies.

The Nirvana, aptly named, was exhibited by Edminston at the 22nd Dubai International Boat Show. The line-up to tour one of the longest yachts ever docked in these waters was hours long and the media was in a frenzy over her size and beauty.

Built by Oceanco, the Nirvana measures 88.5 meters in length. (The world’s largest to date is 160 meters long, but the Nirvana is the longest to dock in Dubai.) She boasts six decks luxuriously appointed with every detail and amenity you could possibly imagine.

The Nirvana ranks in the top 50 longest yachts globally and is up for sale at €230million (roughly $319,884,000 US).

Now, of course, as one of America’s most specialized boat and yacht insurance companies, we are interested in all of the features of the Nirvana; and she does not disappoint! She can travel at a maximum speed of 19.5 knots, has a range of 6,800 nautical miles, and is designed for travel around the globe.

This spectacular super yacht has six luxurious guest cabins and is staffed by 27 crew members. On-board amenities include two helipads, a spectacular swimming pool flanked by comfortable loungers, a movie theater, and a stage for live shows.

The main salon by day transforms into a dance club by night complete with disco lights and retractable roof. The dining room features spectacular glassed walls, and many of the guest cabins have floor to ceiling windows that offer gorgeous views.

Boredom is not an option on the Nirvana, which has jet skis, diving equipment, and lots of water sports gear at the ready.

Décor is contemporary elegance, complete with modern furniture and bathroom fixtures and a lot of bright light streaming into the airy spaces. Splashes of color here and there add vibrancy to the natural woods and neutral tones.

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