Spring Trout Fishing from a Boat

spring-trout-fishing-boatThe opening of trout season varies from state to state, but across the country, many anglers will agree that opening day marks the beginning of spring and the start of the boating season.

Once the ice has melted, it’s time to bring your boat back into service and get ready for springtime trout fishing on the lake. Make sure to check all local fishing regulations since they can change from year to year. This is also the perfect time to review your boat insurance coverage, and ensure your policy is active.

Tips on Trout Fishing From a Boat

• In early spring, just after the ice has melted, you’ll find trout close to the lake surface. They prefer water temperature around 50°F, so look for them in areas where the sun has warmed the top of the water.

• Another great place to find spring trout is close to rocky shoreline areas. The rocks will hold the heat from the sun and radiate it back out into the water. This warmer water will attract the trout and give you a good place to troll for hungry trout.

• Use your boat’s GPS or sonar to find drop-offs that are not too deep. Lake trout will look for food sources along the contours of these drop-offs because the water in these areas is warmer. Why not offer them your bait right where they’re looking?

• Spring is spawning season for many small fish in the creeks and rivers that feed lakes. You can find hungry lake trout all along the areas where these creeks and rivers meet the lake. Try the deeper and shallower spots near spawning areas. If the trout in your lake feed on ciscoes, early spring is the ideal time to follow the hungry ciscoes to the trout. Right after the ice thaw you can find ciscoes in the warmer shallows and by late spring, you’ll find them in the drop-offs.

• Many anglers swear the trick is to finding the best trout fishing areas is to locate a zone where the water temperature ranges from 48 to 52°F. Remember, the trout will seek out this temperate water, so take the water temperature and find the trout.

Great Places To Go For Trout Fishing

Fishing and sporting sites have been ranking the best trout fishing states for many years. Over and over again, the results are the same. The top five states for anyone serious about trout fishing are:

• New York State

• Pennsylvania

• Montana

• Michigan

• Arkansas

Before you take off on your first spring fishing trip, it’s important to give your boat and fishing equipment a thorough inspection and make sure you’ve covered any safety concerns. This can include having the appropriate number of approved life jackets or other flotation devices, letting someone know where you’ll be and when you’ll return, checking the weather, bringing a cell phone and inspecting your boat to make sure it hasn’t been damaged over the winter months.

This is also the time to review your boat insurance policy for renewal dates and coverage or to purchase boat insurance if you’re not already covered. Boat insurance is the affordable protection you need to really be able to relax and enjoy your fishing trip. You can fill out our online boat insurance quote form 24/7 or call 1-800-748-0224 to speak with an experienced boat insurance representative today.

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