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Spending the Holidays on Your Yacht

If you’re a yachting enthusiast, you know that one of the best places to celebrate the holidays is on your boat. Whether your destination is a remote island or your favorite marina, it’s easy to make things festive on the water and remain safely socially distanced. As yacht insurance specialists, our clients often share their boating holiday plans. Here are a few of our favorites.

Many people who live in snowy states leave the white Christmas behind in favor of a Florida coastal adventure. There are so many beautiful waterways to wander and ports of call to explore. Others enjoy a wet West Coast Christmas vibe off the coast of Washington or Oregon or the unforgettable warmth of a California yachting yuletide. You can forget about Jack Frost entirely!

Remember that it’s essential to check your yacht insurance coverage any time you travel outside your usual boating areas. It’s not only to ensure you’re covered when you cross state lines or international boundaries. You also want to be covered in the event you run aground, get involved in a collision in unfamiliar waters, or have items stolen from your vessel.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for making the holidays on your yacht festive and fun:

Pull out the holiday decorations and add some holiday cheer from stem to stern. You can string lights, hang garlands and add wreaths, a tree, or even some seasonal inflatables to celebrate the season.

Do a quick bit of research and visit villages along the shoreline with light displays or holiday markets. (They’ll also get to enjoy your yacht being all decked out in decorations!)

Play some holiday tunes as a backdrop to your festive adventure. It’s easier to bring along a wide variety of tunes now that we can download songs to our electronic devices. Just don’t forget the Bluetooth speaker.

Plan ahead so you can enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with minimal effort. There are so many incredible (and easy!) recipes for holiday hams and roasts done in a crockpot. Or support a local restaurant by pre-ordering your holiday meal to go and eat a professionally prepared feast aboard your vessel.

Wherever you cruise this holiday season, our yacht insurance specialists wish you good weather and all the best! Before you head out on the water, contact the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to ensure you have the best and most comprehensive coverage. 

Note: Some insurance policies contain a lay-up period where your vessel is covered only while being stored. Lay-up periods are particularly common in Northern climates where your boat is not used during the winter. If necessary, update your policy before using your boat or yacht during the holiday season.

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