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Sailboat InsuranceIf you’re running a sailing school, you’re well aware of the growing demand for sailing lessons from those interested in learning the sport. With to the public’s increased attention to Olympic-level sailing and highly competitive offshore yacht races, the popularity of sailing has skyrocketed in the past few years.

While most of your students will be more interested in learning how to take their family out for a relaxing day on the lake, you’ll also come across those who want to be trained in the more exciting and dangerous elements of the sport.

Regardless of their area of interest, all of these first time sailors are relying on your expertise and in most cases, your equipment, to learn the art of sailing. That means you’ll need to make an ongoing investment in sailboats, safety equipment, teacher training and a physical location for your business.

Last but definitely not least, you need sailboat insurance and commercial marine insurance coverage to protect your investment and any other personal assets you and your family may have.

Why is marine insurance so important? For the most part, your students are inexperienced sailors and, are hard on your sailboats. Sailboat insurance with the proper coverage will help you handle the continuous maintenance and repairs necessary to keep your boats and other equipment in top shape.

Another area to consider is boat insurance liability. You can keep your business safe from financial exposure and limit your personal liability by adding Marina Operators Legal Liability insurance coverage to your commercial marine insurance policy.

In addition to liability coverage, your policy should also cover property damage to your location and the docks you use, coverage for storage, winterizing, fire, transportation and crime or vandalism.

At Global Marine Insurance we have more than 20 years of experience helping sailing school owners design commercial marine insurance policies that give them the flexibility they need to run their businesses and the insurance coverage they need to protect their investment.

So give one of our boat insurance experts a call today to discuss your coverage. We’ll handle all the details of your commercial boat insurance so you can get back to what you know and love – teaching others how to sail. That’s why you got into this business, right? Get in touch today.

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