Sailboat Insurance – Special Considerations

sailboat insurance

Boat insurance is not just “insurance for boat” it is as varied as the types of water vessels covered, which is why sailboat insurance is very different than the insurance required for a commercial fishing boat or small powerboat.

Marine insurance is designed to offer coverage based on the needs and risks of different vessels. Specialists in boat insurance coverage will fully understand the needs of boaters, and know how to customize a policy to fit the unique needs of each boat owner. Providing you with the precise coverage that you need and no more.

Sailboats vary in length, some less than 25 feet and others over 50 feet. There are different types of sailboats, ranging from sport to racing or cruising sailboats. The hulls and keels vary, ranging from mono-hull, catamaran or trimaran hull configurations to full keel, fin or other styles of keel. Imagine talking with boat insurance specialists who understand the difference between a cutter and a yawl. Who know what to anticipate in terms of sailing risks and can advise you regarding the kinds of claims made by sailing enthusiasts instead of just throwing in insurance for boat.

Make certain your sailboat insurance is more than a generic boat insurance policy and that you are adequately covered when you head out on the waves.

Things to consider for sailboat insurance include:

The value of an insurance policy designed for your sailboat. A boat insurance company like Global Marine Insurance, specializes in marine coverage and will likely offer more comprehensive protection than add on coverage offered through a homeowners policy.

Choosing agreed value coverage rather than actual cash. If you take the latter you will save on premiums but that is because in the event of a claim actual cash will pay you the market value less depreciation. If you want to replace your sailboat in the event of a claim, agree value will enable you to do so.

Not all boat insurance protects you when transporting your sailboat or storing it out of the water. Be sure to fully understand what is and is not covered under a policy.

Liability and indemnity coverage is wise. When you sail you could be held responsible for damage caused by your sailboat or its wake.

Find out about navigational limits. Many policies for sailboats will have navigational limits defined, even for larger sailboats. Some areas are considered riskier and may be excluded. Don’t assume you can roam as you please and remain fully insured.

Inquire about discounts. Some sailboat insurance policies will extend discounts for safety features, boat safety courses and sailing classes and extended lay-up periods.

Get the best coverage tailored to your sailboat. The marine insurance specialists at Global Marine Insurance can help find the right sailboat insurance at the best value. Call use today at 800-748-0224 or request a quick boat insurance quote online.

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