Global Marine Insurance: Promoting Watersports

I know that the boat insurance industry may not seem like the most thrilling of endeavors to someone who’s not involved in it but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Being a part of the leading boat insurance company has its perks. There’s more to providing commercial and consumer boat insurance coverage than just retrieving quotes and rates.

First and foremost we like to think of ourselves a bit less like insurance agents and more like protectors and promoters of the boating industry. (No I didn’t wear my super hero suit today, but if you saw it you would be impressed.) Sure, laugh but imagine a world where there was no boat insurance? Who would protect “Seas the Day”, “Nauti Buoy”, “Dream Weaver” or your own precious boat? After countless sunny Saturday afternoons spent together your boat is practically a part of the family. Sure, “Miss Behavin'” isn’t exactly one of the kids, but perhaps she takes her proper place in rank just after your faithful dog Buddy.

Providing boat insurance to American families and businesses is not our only endeavor though. We also do our best to contribute to the growth of the boating and watersports industries that we are passionate about. This brings us to events like Skierpalooza held in Florida last month and the Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament. We are proud to participate in and sponsor events that promote watersports and boating as well as celebrate athletic achievements and entertain the whole family.

Of all of the boating events we have had the privilege to be involved in over the years, the Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament is among the most prestigious. World-class athletes are invited from around the globe to participate at this annual event that began in Georgia over fifty years ago. It is considered an honor to be invited to compete at the well-publicized tournament held during Memorial Day weekend at Callaway Garden’s Robin Lake Beach.

Robin Lake where the athletes compete is Georgia’s largest manmade lake created just for this particular event. Sandy beaches encompass the 65-acre lake and a pavilion alongside it filled with stadium seating, as well as grassy lawn provides the perfect place to enjoy the show. It’s also a great destination for your next family vacation. You can spend a few days at the Masters and then time exploring everything that Calloway Garden’s has to offer including nature trails, tree top climbing adventures and golf among other activities.

The schedule features three days of watersports beginning on Friday with the junior athletes competing in ski events including tricks, slalom and jump as well as wakeboard competitions. Saturday and Sunday are filled with adult athlete competitions including ski tricks, slalom, and wakeskate and wakeboard events. Wrapping up the tournament with a Sunday evening awards ceremony.

As you can imagine all of the sunshine, water, boating and comradery can really be tough on an insurance agent, which is why we continued to be surprised each year when there’s no shortage of volunteers to head to Georgia and represent Global Marine as the official boat insurance company for the Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament. We’re looking forward to this year’s Masters held May 25th-27th. We hope to see you there.

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