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Insurance for Boat - Performance BoatIt’s the time of year American performance boat enthusiasts love: Boating season! As performance boaters get their high-speed vessels ready for speed out on the waves, it’s also time to ensure your marine investment is well protected with the best insurance for the boat.

High performance boating, with its significantly expensive fast vessels, requires a certain kind of boater. Just as not all car drivers go for the sleek and pricey sports cars, not all boaters are cut out for high performance boating. It takes more than just loving the thrill of reaching high speeds out on the water: Performance boaters have to expertly handle the horsepower against possibly inclement weather and water conditions. You must also be ready for other boaters because while you might expertly stay within your boating abilities, not all others out on the water are as wise.

This is why when you complete your maintenance to get everything ship-shape for this season, don’t forget to protect your high performance boat and passengers against accidents, collisions, mechanical trouble and harsh boating conditions due to rough seas or terrible weather systems.

  • Take the time to update your inventory of property onboard your vessel; should you ever need to make a claim with your marine insurance agency it is extremely useful to have an accurate list of accessories and personal belongings.
  • Remove dangerous cleaning products or paint varnishes from your boat if they are not needed or store them safely.
  • Ensure you have all of your safety equipment and that it is still in good working order.

Beyond operating your boat safely, perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and any family or friends is to review the insurance for your boat to be certain the policy offers optimal coverage for your high performance boat.

The needs of boats that can reach speeds in excess of 65 mph on the open sea or race around lakes are very different than insurance for smaller and slower watercraft. If you are looking for insurance for your boat you can request a boat insurance quote online.

Here are some things to consider as you take a second look at your high performance boat insurance coverage:

  • Is it a policy designed for a high-speed vessel, or generic?
  • Are you able to customize the coverage at all?
  • Are you restricted at all in terms of navigational limits?
  • What does coverage for liability protection include? (Are legal fees, wreck or salvage or environmental clean-up covered?)
  • How are you covered for damage to the vessel – Actual Cash or Agreed Cash Value?
  • What happens if you are in a collision and the other boater is uninsured?
  • Would medical expenses be included for passengers?
  • What are the conditions around coverage for personal property in the event of theft or damage?

If you would like assistance finding new insurance for a boat or determining if you currently have adequate coverage you can get a boat insurance quote online or call Global Marine Insurance Agency at 800-748-0224, six days a week and an experienced agent will be happy to help you.

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