Our Favorite Florida Boating Lakes

Saltwater is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Florida boating, but the sunshine state has plenty of beautiful freshwater lakes, too.
If you want to enjoy boating in some of the state’s many freshwater lakes, here are the ones our Florida boat insurance specialists recommend:

Cypress Lake

This charming lake, located right at the headwaters to the famous Florida Everglades, is an ideal destination for boating (with public access points). The area around the lake is relatively undeveloped compared to other American lakes. You’ll find that wildlife dramatically outnumbers humans here! You can enjoy the scenery and watch for alligators and osprey while fishing for bass.

Lake Kissimmee

This is a fun place to visit in Florida if you want to boat and camp. There are campgrounds dotted around the lake, public access points for boating, and ample playgrounds and hiking trails. Birdwatchers and fishing enthusiasts alike enjoy this lake, however, be aware that local wildlife includes not only deer and birds but also bobcats and alligators.

Lake Okeechobee

If you like to fish while you explore a lake, this is a perfect destination. Lake Okeechobee is not only fun to say it is also the largest lake in the state and known for its incredible largemouth bass. As stunning as the water here at Lake “O” may be, look around if you’re jumping in for a dip because there are also alligators calling it home. (You can see why for liability and accident coverage you should check with a Florida boat insurance specialist familiar with this state’s unique risks!)

Lake June in Winter

This wonderfully large, clear lake is adjacent to the town of Lake Placid, one of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations. There is plenty of public access, and a state park borders its west side. If you’re hoping to catch some fish, bluegill or largemouth bass are plentiful. A canal connects this lake to Lake Carrie.

Lake Harris

This deep and expansive lake is northwest of Orlando. It is part of the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin, and locals will tell you that it’s known for its unusual shape. Many boaters come here to fish and enjoy the view of sand hills and cypress, but you’ll also encounter water skiers. Amenities include public launch ramps and campgrounds.

Ready for a Florida adventure? Be sure to check that your Florida boat insurance has you covered for towing, mooring, or hitting the water of these captivating freshwater lakes. Contact the specialists at Global Marine Insurance to review your coverage needs.

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