New Yachts from China

An avid European yachtsman has constructed a shipyard in China that is producing yachts that are earning a reputation for fine construction. NISI’s experienced European management team is building its latest semi-custom series that was designed with the input of well-known American yacht design firm Setzer Yacht Architects.

The NISI 1700 is a gorgeous craft, featured in Yachting Magazine and a finalist in the 2013 World Yachts Trophy in the most innovative design category.

A midsize yacht, the NISI 1700 has been touted by boating publications as feeling much more spacious although it is less than 60 feet in length. The NISI 1700 boasts lightweight construction with a combination of speed and practicality that doesn’t sacrifice style in the pursuit of safety – over and over reviewers remark on her one-of-a-kind styling. The plumb bow is reinforced with a large stainless steel anchor plate, its polished steel an attractive and durable.

How does the NISI 1700 perform? In sea trial situations the NISI 1700, which boasts a 1,150 HP CAT C-18 engines and the driving force of twin UltraJets, easily reached a 41-knot top and 33-knot cruise speeds. She is proving to be one of the strongest performing in her class: deceptively feeling larger than she is, but agile and swift.

The interior of this sophisticated yacht is best articulated as casual elegance or understated opulence.
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