Happy Holidays From Global Marine Insurance Agency

The snow is on the ground (here in Michigan), the holidays are just around the corner and there’s magic in the air. When I was younger I can remember getting so excited as December 25th drew nearer. And even though I’m a bit older now, I still get excited!

This time of year has a way of bringing families together, and creating those special memories that last a lifetime. Boating has played a similar role in the lives of our families here at Global Marine Insurance.

We think that the special role boating has played in our lives is represented beautifully in the video below called the “Good Run”. It’s a short film, directed by Academy Award nominated director Wally Pfister, which celebrates the memories made by taking life’s journey by boat.

We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we did. And if you haven’t discovered boating yet, there’s no time like the present.

From all of us here at Global Marine Insurance, we wish you and your family happy holidays!

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