Mega Yacht Work of Art

As yacht insurance specialists we have the privilege of encountering unforgettable yachts, but every now and then there is a yacht that is simply astounding in its beauty. The recent coverage of a truly avant garde yacht has captured the interest of yacht enthusiasts around the world.

Dakis Joannou’s Guilty is a 115-foot luxury yacht that has been described as his response to excess in the art world.

This simply stunning craft is a poetic synergy of the best Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri and American artist Jeff Koons have to offer. The resulting work of marine art is docked in Athens at Piraeus Port, but capturing imaginations globally.

Most noticeable from the shore is the exterior, a bold design of bright geometric designs. The pattern – comprised of yellow rhombuses, pink triangles and blue polygons – has historic roots. While many probably assume it is statement of modern art it is actually inspired by a special kind of Second World War British naval camouflage.

Here is video footage of the famous mega-yacht. Although it’s not in English the images transcend language.

Unlike typical military camouflage, this was intended to confuse and bewilder rather than obscure or hide. For his modern take on this historic pattern, Koons was mindful of how it would look reflecting in calm waters. An image of legendary musician Iggy Pop is incorporated into the design, apparent when viewed from atop the yacht.

Inside, Joannou worked closely with Porfiri to ensure functionality as well as simple elegance.  This is highlighted by bright white interiors lit by natural light and a central staircase that changes color.

Joannou is an avid art collector so it’s no surprise that the living quarters are decorated by carefully chosen works of art, expertly installed for maximum effect. It is staggering to consider value of the art alone.

Is this mega yacht purely for his own personal pleasure? No. Joannu has said that he hopes that Guilty, like his other endeavors, inspire people to explore the world of art.

Although your vessel may not be an acclaimed work of art, it is an important investment that should be properly protected by the best yacht insurance coverage available. Just as your yacht deserves to be properly protected even if it makes less of an artistic statement than Dakis Joannou’s Guilty. Contact Global Marine Insurance Agency today to tell us about your treasure. Our yacht insurance specialists will know just the right insurance coverages to protect your investment and your lifestyle.

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