Mega Yacht Batmobile

mega yacht

Does Batman carry adequate mega yacht insurance? What about a yacht designed to look like a Batmobile for the high seas?

Sleek and futuristic, the luxuriously modern sci-fi Xhibitionist by Gray Design is certainly getting international attention for more than just its $25 million price tag. Perhaps most striking is that the Xhibitionist at first glance has the lines of a car. Well, not just any car – the Batmobile. The resemblance to the powerful car driven by the superhero in DC Comics is not surprising given that a Swede Eduard Gray is a celebrated supercar designer. Anyone thinking about acquiring the Xhibitionist might be interested to know that he has, in fact, designed a supercar to match it–called Xhibit-G. Regular boat insurance simply wouldn’t offer comprehensive coverage for a luxury vessel like this. There are so many exquisite and unusual elements to this beautiful vessel that only providers of mega yacht insurance could possibly have the experience to underwrite and adjust claims for something of this size and rare quality. At roughly 246 feet in length (nearly 46 foot beam), the exterior of the Xhibitionist is designed to turn heads from stem to stern. Her magnificent hybrid drive system engines are uniquely visible behind glass walls, allowing for easy access for any upkeep as well as an amazing opportunity for yacht and engine enthusiasts to watch. There is an expansive and impressive viewing window on the bow and a jacuzzi on the fly deck. At night, the Xhibitionist is a commanding presence on the ocean thanks to ocean LED lighting. Among the most interesting and inspired features of the Xhibitionist are the huge solar panels that cleverly open from under an area that looks like the hood of a car-turned-yacht on the high seas. Not only do they power the mega yacht in an ecofriendly way, but they are thoughtfully designed to be sturdy enough to double as a helipad or concert stage platform. Curious to know what the interior of the Xhibitionist is like? As mega yacht insurance specialists and yacht enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait. And yes, the interior offers enough extravagance to complement the elegance of Wayne Manor. Part luxury residence, part showroom, the Xhibitionist is decorated throughout in the Art Nouveau style. Features in the main exhibition showroom include a dual staircase by Cornish Stairways, a Steinway piano for entertainment, Baccarat crystal lighting, and Nuance smart shading for the glass partitions that add to the ambience and privacy for those onboard. Whether you’re in the market for mega yacht insurance or boats a little less grand, contact the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance. Our specialists are ready to assist with all your yacht, boat, and marine insurance needs.

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