Marina Fuel Dock Yacht Safety

boat-insurance-filing-boating-planFor marina fuel docks to be boater friendly they need to be safe. As specialists in the marine business insurance industry, we have some great tips to help ensure marina fuel dock safety.
Here are some ways we recommend for marina fuel docks to take preventative action to protect boaters on all vessels from fishing boats to yachts:

• Ensure that all electric sources on land and water comply with state regulations and follow acceptable safety codes.

• Make sure marina staff know how to recognize and minimize risks and hazards of power sources near the water.

• Consider ways to protect your marina, staff, and boaters from dangerous faulty electrical systems with ground fault protection devices or ground fault monitoring systems equipped with shunt trip circuit breakers.

• Ensure the proper grounding of all electrical devices.

• Use corrosion-resistant or corrosion-protected materials, especially for electrical conduit and fittings.

• Install an emergency shutoff button(s) on fuel docks that, with one touch, will shut down power to all pumps and electrical circuits. It must be easily accessible from all dispensing devices and very clearly identified as the emergency pump shut off.

• Regularly inspect the electrical system and watch for degradation or other issues; ensure any deficiencies are repaired immediately.

• Install protective measures including fire extinguishers, mandate clear passageways, hire security to guard against vandalism or theft, and invest in adequate lighting.

• Ensure that employees wear non-slip shoes and life jackets when working on the docks and request that all boaters (especially children) wear life jackets as well.

• Do not allow swimming in marina waters. Risk for injury from yachts, currents, or improperly grounded electrical equipment is too high.

• Insist on proper disposal of engine parts, oily rags, and chemicals of any kind.

• Recommend biodegradable cleaning products for boats for the safety of the environment.

• Immediately respond to any reports of hazards ranging from messy debris on the docks and worn electrical materials to expired fire extinguishers or fuel spillage.

As marine business insurance specialists, we hope that adhering to proper standards, training, and safety protocols will help keep your marina fuel dock safe.
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