Lexus LY 650 Yacht

Toyota’s slogan calls out, “let’s go places,” and the open road is not the only destination. Toyota can take you out on the water and in style. Lexus is in the yacht market, and It has caught the attention of our yacht insurance specialists (all boating enthusiasts themselves).

The Japanese automotive giant launched a Lexus sport yacht in 2017 to positive feedback from journalists, those in the marine industry, and yachting enthusiasts.

The engineering excellence we’ve come to associate with Toyota vehicles on land is now on the water.

Didn’t know that Toyota has a Marine Division in Japan? They have been actively pursuing the marine market in recent years with powerboats for fishing or cruising. As you might expect of a leading luxury car manufacturer, Toyota unveiled a production model of their 65-foot Lexus 650 yacht to considerable fanfare. If you’re curious, it’s priced at four million, and yes, we can provide you with yacht insurance.

The luxury yacht features sleek, modern finishes from stem to stern, with expensive wood accented by shiny metal and incredibly comfortable upholstered seating in natural, neutral tones.

lexus 650 yacht interior

As you’d expect, the galley kitchen offers every amenity you could want for food preparation out at sea. There are three spacious staterooms, each of which has an ensuite bathroom with a toilet and shower. Whoever gets the master stateroom will enjoy additional comfort with a lovely sofa for lounging and a walk-in closet.

Everything on board is well-finished and elegant without being opulent. There is room for entertaining between six to eight guests as you enjoy what the company has coined, “an extension of the Lexus lifestyle.”

The Lexus 650 yacht has been designed not just for looks, but also for exceptional handling and stability. Twin high-performance V8 engines (Lexus, of course!) power your recreational touring.

The upper deck and outer hull are constructed with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), also used in race cars and high-performance military aircraft. The benefit is that CFRP is much lighter than the usual fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) used for marine craft.

Whether you’re looking for a yacht insurance quote for a Lexus 650 yacht or another boat, we can help. Contact the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance for a hassle-free quote.

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