Hybrid Yacht

Yacht insurance specialists need to stay on top of trends in luxury boating, and it seems that hybrid yachts may be the way of the future.

Innovations in green yachting and much more highly efficient ecological engines are adding greatly to the appeal of taking a sustainable approach to luxury on the water.

One such hybrid drawing considerable attention and positive press is the latest vessel from Greenline, the Greenline Hybrid 48. While this is a more compact option for luxury boat enthusiasts, it is the largest hybrid yacht in the Greenline range without compromising on comfort.

Sleek exterior look are complemented by well-planned and executed interior design. This luxury yacht has a flybridge built for comfort and useful features that include a hydraulic platform and high-function utility compartment under the salon.

Hybrid Yacht - GreenlineIt seems the ultra-luxe yacht appeals to empty nesters who enjoy hosting friends or family for trips out on the waves or young professional couples just embarking on a new passion for yachting.

To date, the latest in the Greenline range has been reviewed positively for a few key reasons. Experienced yachtsmen praise the Hybrid for her ease of handling, noting the attention paid to safety and seaworthiness. These are important things to consider. The next step after purchase is to talk with a yacht insurance company about comprehensive insurance coverage.

The hybrid propulsion system is protected, as is the low-drag Super Displacement hull, and the solar roof panels are built to last at sea. Others are pleased that the Hybrid offers simple functionality for switching between diesel to full electric: at the flip of a switch she can be converted. When you run her in electric mode, the Hybrid sails quietly, generates lower C02 emissions, and produces significantly less wake. The company avows that the fuel economy is better than that of a displacement hull of comparable size.

Quality engineering ensures that electricity runs consistently at 230 (120) VAC power, allowing the use of a good-sized fridge as well as a microwave, air conditioning, and of course entertainment devices.

Considering a hybrid yacht for your next luxury boat? Speak with a yacht insurance company specialist at Global Marine Insurance about competitive yacht insurance rates tailored to hybrid yachts.

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