Hurricane Preparedness

First responders, boating organizations, and Florida boat insurance companies have no shortage of lessons from recent hurricanes and superstorms. Let’s consider some steps that boat owners can take to protect their marine investments:

Get prepared. Create a storm plan for your boat and put it in writing. Having a written plan will make it easier for others to assist you in implementing the plan if you are unable to do it yourself.

Keep a current record of the inventory on your boat, from electronics to appliances and ensure that all the necessary documents related to your boat (including a copy of your boat insurance coverage contract) are stored securely on land.

Confirm your plan is workable. Test it out. Can you secure your boat the way you should if a storm hits? What if you’re away – do you have a designate to take care of these details? Remember that your plan also has to work with the hurricane plan of the facility where your boat is moored or stored. You might need to adjust your plan to meet their protocols.

Consider taking your boat somewhere safe. One of the best hurricane strategies is to hire a haul-out provider to get their boat away to safer ground before a hurricane hits. Haulout dramatically reduces your risk of damage, salvage recovery costs, and undertaking a claim with your Florida boat insurance company.

Review your insurance. Don’t wait until a hurricane hits to figure out if you’re adequately insured. It’s much more cost effective to pay for good Florida boat insurance than to pay for repairs or salvage costs out of pocket. Be mindful that you understand and meet all of the requirements of your boat insurance.

Not sure where to start? Call the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Global Marine Insurance. We can review your coverage with you and discuss the best options for Florida boat insurance available for your unique requirements.

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