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Hurricane Preparation for Yacht & Boat Owners

Hurricane season can be unpredictable, and with slowly rising average temperatures, the number of named storms may increase. As a boat owner, having a detailed hurricane preparedness plan can help mitigate potential damage to your boat.

hurrican warning

A good hurricane plan consists of the following:


  • Removal: Create a removal list with all items that need to be removed and stored in a dry, secure location. For example, loose gear, canvas, and cushions should be removed.
  • Supplies: Create a supplies list of all additional items required for your plan. Things to consider are ropes, bumpers, anchors, tie-downs, duct tape.

All Hurricane Preparedness Plans

  • Seal all windows and hatches.
  • Remove or lockdown valuables.

Hauling Your Boat is Safest

Ashore Hauled

  • Hauling your boat out is the safest method for protecting your boat.
  • Strap each side down to concrete, never go over the boat from one side to the other side.
  • Store above the projected surge.
  • Use anti-slip jack stands that are chained together to reduce movement.
  • Remove drain plugs. REMEMBER to reinstall before returning to the water.


  • Have enough lines and use in a spider web/crossing fashion. You can find instructions online. Use twice as many lines as needed for normal conditions.
  • Fully charge all batteries.
  • Keep bilge clean and confirm the bilge pump is operational.

Trailered & Lifts

  • Lift outboard engines.
  • Secure vessel from movement.
  • Keep drains clear.
  • Remove drain plugs *** REMEMBER to reinstall before returning to the water.

Remember, your policy may include storm haul-out or similarly named coverage that applies a level of reimbursement from expenses that you may incur to protect your property from an impending named storm. 

Please review your policy limitations for further information. 

To monitor the track of named storms or to get further information on hurricane preparedness, please go to:;

To file a hurricane haul out claim, please forward a copy of the invoice for haul out services, the insured name and policy number. 

Email: or online: or Fax: 231-947-4407

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