How To Convince Your Spouse To Buy A Boat This Christmas

What better holiday gift is there than a boat? Can you imagine seeing a boat under your Christmas tree or in your driveway? A boat is one of those gifts you and your spouse will not only enjoy this year, but for years to come. You know that we’re convinced, and we know that you’re convinced, but there’s still one person you have yet to share your vision with. Perhaps the most important person in your life—your significant other!

So today we thought we would have a little fun, and bring you the Significant Other Conversion Checklist. A checklist of recommendations engineered to help you convince your spouse, that this holiday season, your family needs a boat.

Significant Other Conversion Checklist

1. Change your computer’s background image to one of the images below. This is sure to spark some interest, and will be your chance to start a conversation with your significant other.  Here are a few images you can feel free to use: