Hiring for Your Marine Business

You can have all the best products or offer the most innovative services; but without the right employees, your business is sunk. Cultivating a team of great employees is critical for managing client relationships and improving productivity and profitability. Hiring the right people the first time will save you, time, money, and aggravation.

Our marine business insurance team has five tips on how to hire great people for your marine business.

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Here’s how to find the best hires for your marine business:

  • Cast a wide net: When you’re hiring, put your job postings on sites that are going to attract candidates with the right boating qualifications. We hear good things about If you’ve already got great staff, ask them to refer someone (some companies even offer a bonus when someone is hired from a referral). Use social media to put out the word that you’re looking, and recruit from colleges providing the educational programs you hope applicants have completed.
  • Use interviews to learn about candidates: Prepare questions so that every candidate you meet answers the same ones (and you don’t get sidetracked). Ask about their real-life experience working with others and dealing with conflicts or challenging people, so you get an excellent idea of what the person is like at work. Use the phrase, “Tell me about a time” rather than, “What would you do if.” You will receive more accurate information about a person’s character and personality.
  • Do some due diligence: Complete background or criminal record checks if you are hiring someone to work with money or around minors. You can also search online to see if there are any news stories or social media posts that suggest problematic behaviors. Take the extra time to check before you hire someone rather than having to call your marine business insurance broker about your liability coverage.
  • Check references: Always ask job applicants for references and then take the time to check them. The same questions that are off-limits in job interviews (related to race, age, sex, and marital status) are also illegal to ask in background checks. Ask former employers to verify the applicant’s job title, responsibilities, dates worked, and what strengths and weaknesses they remember. Would they hire this candidate again? Do they have any advice on managing the worker? Pay close attention to tone and whether the reference hesitates.
  • Be prepared to make a reasonable offer: When you want to hire the best, you need to compensate them accordingly. Employers can offer competitive wages, bonuses, sales commissions, and benefits like more vacation days tied to years of service. People are attracted to positive work environments and strong teams. Think about ways to enhance the workplace that won’t break the bank like staff BBQ days, potluck lunches, or family picnics.  

It is said that a good employee is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. Just don’t leave your marine business insurance to luck.

Contact Global Marine Insurance today and ensure your marine business insurance coverage is the best fit for your growing marine business.

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