Happy Thanksgiving from Global Marine Insurance Agency!

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! Everyone here at Global Marine Insurance would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, safe travels and amazing Black Friday shopping deals.

We’ve all heard the Thanksgiving story of the early settlers, and how they helped each other through the winter by sharing and giving thanks. This story got us thinking that it would be fun to share just a few of the things we at Global Marine Insurance are thankful for. So here we go!

Family and Friends

First and foremost, we are all so grateful for the love and support that our family and friends offer all year round. If you haven’t lately, make sure to express your appreciation to family or friends you’re thankful for.


Freshwater or saltwater. Of course, with Lake Michigan right outside our door, we’re a little biased towards freshwater.


We like sailing for so many reasons. Whether it’s cruising, day sailing, or competitive racing—there’s a sailing adventure for everyone.

Water Sports

Tubing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing—count us in! In the same way Thanksgiving brings families together, water sports bring families together for a time of fun and excitement.


Traveling to exotic places, discovering new and exciting adventures—what’s there not to love about yachting? If you’ve experienced navigating the open water in the luxury and style that yachting brings, then you know exactly what we mean. And we’ve had the pleasure of working with so many who share this joy as well.

Speaking of our customers, we can’t go without mentioning how grateful we are for all of our loyal Global Marine Insurance customers. Year in and year out, it is our absolute pleasure serving you!