Global Marine’s Favorite Lakes!

Our name—Global Marine Insurance—implies that we offer insurance to boaters all over the world, and it’s true! But we can’t help being a little biased when it comes to our favorite places on the water. Being located right on one of Michigan’s Great Lakes is a treat to say the least, and at the top of our list of favorite places to boat.

Traverse City, our home town, boasts a fully equipped Coast Guard Station, numerous festivals including Michael Moore’s film fest, and amazing ports to dock at and enjoy the award winning wineries and local cuisine.

Traverse City Global Marine Insurance

Last month was the National Cherry Festival. We watched in amazement as the Blue Angels performed right over our boats, and then to cap the off the night, we watched fireworks on the bay. How great is that!?

Words just don’t do it justice, however, this video does a good job of summing up how we feel about our Great Lakes.

To fully understand, you’ll have to come experience them for yourself. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what your favorite places on the water are. Let us know in the comments below.

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