Global Marine Insurance: New USCG Rescue Boat Makes Long Island Sound Safer

coast-guard-boat-safetyThe Coast Guard acquired a new 45-foot response boat last fall, making the Long Island Sound safer as it replaced an aging utility boat.

Known as the RB-M, this new boat is excellent for rapid response to emergency situations for many reasons. It is a high-speed and self-righting craft used mostly for search and rescue or enforcement of maritime laws. Amazingly, it operates safely even in 12-foot seas – even if facing 55-knot winds.

No doubt this new vessel will enhance the safety of the citizens of Long Island and Connecticut, and any visitors who travel in those waters.

Quick Response Saves Lives

Anything the Coast Guard can do to improve response times saves lives, reduces injury, and mitigates damages during a disaster or other crisis. The Coast Guard is committed to reducing loss of life and injuries as well as serving as a front line defense against illegal drugs entering the United States.

Recreational boaters benefit from the knowledge and skills of the Coast Guard and its fleet, sometimes even famous celebrities out on the water.

In September of 2012, Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe made headlines around the world after he got lost kayaking near New York’s Long Island. The U.S. Coast Guard picked Crowe and an unidentified friend up from the shore, rescuing the pair as darkness fell and they’d been on the water over four hours.

Keeping Americans and U.S. Waters Safe

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, each day they conduct over 100 search and rescue cases, saving 10 lives. They protect over $2 million in property and investigate an average of six vessel casualties – ranging from collisions to groundings. The USCG is our country’s insurance against a vast variety of tragedies.

The Coast Guard has marine inspectors, vessel examiners, and pollution investigators who also serve our country by conducting safety checks and enforcing the law. That’s not all: Buoy tenders ensure navigational aids are operating well and traffic service controllers help the ships in American ports. Coast Guard auxiliary members also do their part by teaching boating safety courses and providing safety inspections.

You can contact your federal congressperson and let them know you appreciate the U.S. Coast Guard and all it does for marine safety in our country. Because for all the good work they do reducing injury and keeping boaters safe, the Coast Guard has about the same number of personnel now as it did in 1967 – and it isn’t even as big as the NYPD.

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