Global Marine Insurance: How NOT to Launch Your Boat

As spring draws near, we wanted to put together a helpful blog explaining how to properly launch your boat. But first, we thought we would have a little fun, and share with you some videos on how not to launch your boat. Enjoy!

Even though these guys find themselves—and their truck—in over their heads, they manage to get creative with their personal watercraft. Take a look at this entertaining solution:

How many trucks, SUVs, and tractors does it take to get one boat out of the water? You will find your answer in the video below:

There’s always a risk when you launch a boat away from a paved launch platform. And even if everything else goes well, you can still forget to unstrap the boat from the trailer:

Before spring arrives, we’ll be sure to explain exactly how to launch your boat. But for now, we hope you got a few laughs and possibly learned something from the videos above.

We’d love to hear about your boat launching challenges, or perhaps some you have witnessed. Don’t worry, you can post anonymously if you’d like :).

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