Best Fall Boating Destinations

You may have already started your Christmas shopping but winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st, if you want to go on another boating trip before the cold winter weather settles in then you should try visiting some great destinations. Before you travel, you should contact your boat insurance company and ensure your policy covers any possible vessel damage that may occur while in transit. Also, make sure your boat insurance does not possess any winter lay-up periods that cause a lack of coverage when navigating your boat during the winter months. Once you are ready for travel, consider the following popular autumn vacation spots.

Anglers can usually find plenty of action with striped bass and bluefish this time of year from Cape Cod and further south. In particular, the Southwest Ledge of Block Island serves as a large stopover for bluefish and striped bass as they migrate south in the fall. Devil’s Bridge, located off the southwest corner of Martha’s Vineyard, often contains plenty of blues and bass in its rocky reef. Fishers can also find big striped bass and bluefish inside the 20-50 feet deep reefs of the Western Long Island Sound.

Boating across the country provides nature enthusiasts with access to picturesque waterways and shoreline panoramas where the once busy summer shorelines slumber quietly until next spring. These types of scenic trips give boaters prime viewing opportunities to capture the beauty of the season from the water. With nearly 21 miles of tree-filled shorelines, Lake Lure, located in North Carolina, makes a boater paradise from late October to mid November. Surrounded by over 13,000 acres of lush and protected forest, Lake Monroe makes an ideal destination for boaters who want to be surrounded by nature.

Visiting these premium fall destinations will help you obtain some amazing life experiences all while in a boat. So, go ahead and plan your next adventure on the water before winter arrives while keeping in mind that regardless of what type of boating trip you choose, you need to make sure your boat insurance coverage will remain in full effect after reaching your vacation destination. In addition, always check the forecast prior to leaving so you do not get caught up in any unusual and harsh weather conditions while boating.

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