Florida Island Hopping – Yachting Adventures

Florida is an ideal place to enjoy local boating and yachting adventures on a veritable playground of waves, sun, and sand, or you can venture over to the Bahamas (don’t forget your passports to clear customs and immigration and ensure your Florida yacht insurance covers your international adventures!). Helping clients with their Florida yacht insurance means that our specialists hear about some fun island hopping adventures from the sunshine state. Some of us have also had our own. Here are a few of our favorite island hopping destinations for Florida yachting adventures.

One of the best routes for island hopping in Florida is along the waters of the state’s second largest estuary. Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands are a beautiful yachting destination, with plenty of stunning scenery and lots to explore. These islands in Florida’s southwest are a favorite of yachting enthusiasts who appreciate coastal cruising. You’ll enjoy soaking in the rays while you navigate these pristine waters and enjoy nature’s beauty in every direction.

Those who enjoy fishing will love this area of Florida because Charlotte Harbor is home to a variety of sea-life. One of the most sought after by anglers is the Common Snook, while other catches of the day in this estuary might include Spotted Seatrout, Grouper, Redfish (also known as Red Drum), or Barracuda, to name a few.

If you’re looking for some on land diversions, check out any number of beaches and keep an eye out for local wildlife. The Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park is very popular with bird watchers.

Other islands offer amenities for picnics or barbecues as well as sports such as volleyball. There are also seaside eateries if you’re looking for dining options. We recommend the fresh seafood dishes at the Fishery Restaurant in Placida or tasty sandwiches at the Rum Bay Restaurant on Palm Island.

From sunup to sundown, the views along this coastal waterway are unforgettable. Florida island hopping is a beautiful way to make memories and quench your thirst for adventure without traveling vast distances between islands.

Ready for a yachting adventure in the sunshine state? Our friendly specialists at Global Marine Insurance can quickly review your Florida yacht insurance policy to ensure you find the coverage you need.

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