Florida Boating Rituals

Red-Hull-InsideFlorida boat insurance is the modern day replacement for the mariner’s rituals of old that would protect boaters from unforeseen mishaps and ease their fear of superstitions. The rituals, although not effective do have roots rich history and intrigue. Here are a few of the superstitions and rituals that have played a role in the boating community for decades.

What’s interesting is how boating rituals have long been part of seafaring culture. Even if you are not superstitious and prefer to trust in boat insurance and safety precautions, do you observe any traditions?

Renaming is risky. For centuries mariners have been loathe to change the name of a ship, considering it unlucky. If you really can’t abide the name given to a vessel, some seafaring folk say it is possible to conduct an elaborate renaming ceremony that will erase the first name from the Ledger of the Deep and Poseidon’s memory. Here’s a boat renaming ceremony in Pensacola Florida. Beyond that I hope this couple made sure the have proper Florida boat insurance for their new yacht.

Stay docked on a Friday. In bygone days, mariners were extremely superstitious about setting sail on a Friday, and some speculate the foreboding for that day of the week was linked to Good Friday and the crucifixion of Jesus. Today, Florida boaters head to Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys and Tampa everyday of the week.

Women. We’re a bit confused by superstitions around women on ships because at one time women were considered unlucky on board. However, if a baby were born on a voyage, it was considered lucky. So did a baby being born cancel out having an “unlucky” mother on board?

Lucky clothing. Do you have things you wear when you head out boating that you think are lucky? In ages past, sailors had lucky caps, clothes, or perhaps a religious article or necklace they felt would offer some hope of a safe voyage. We know of many athletes who have lucky socks or shoes, so we’re betting some of you have some sort of lucky talisman right alongside your boat insurance.

Rhymes. Certain beliefs were immortalized in rhymes such as, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” How many of you watch the skies at sunset and sunrise before you check a weather app or report? Are there other marine sayings you can remember and recite?

Fishing lore. Fishermen have had superstitions around their livelihood probably as long as there have been people who fish. Some we’ve heard include letting the first catch go, salting the nets at the beginning of the fishing season to ensure a good catch, and not whistling while you fish. Florida fishermen still practice some of these rituals while fishing for the big catch from Pensacola to the Florida Keys.

Superstitions aside, we all need comprehensive boat insurance to protect our investments. Contact the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance for a Florida boat insurance checkup before you head out on the water this boating season.

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