First Aid Kit for Your Boat

First Aid Kit for Boat or YachtJust like your boat or yacht insurance should be tailored to your unique recreational marine vessel, your onboard first aid kit should be stocked to suit your boating and recreational activities.

When was the last time you took first aid training?

First aid training could be valuable in the event that you face a medical emergency when you’re out on the water and could be several minutes, hours, or even days away from help. Check with your yacht insurance specialists for first aid training and boat safety courses in your area (it might even reduce your rates).

All the first aid training in the world cannot make up for the lack of a properly stocked first aid kit. Certainly, you may be able to make due with items at hand, but having the right first aid supplies on your boat can make handling an injury a lot easier -and it could perhaps save a life.

Does one size fit all?

No. Just like yacht insurance, there is no one stop solution. You need to consider the size of your boat and your passengers. Will you have children on board? Seniors? A large crew? And, of course, you need to consider the most likely types of injuries you will have to treat. This could range from cuts and scrapes and illnesses and nausea to more significant injuries like fractures (but, again, if you have a well-stocked kit with splints and bandages but don’t know how to use them, it won’t help very much!).

A small family pleasure craft might only require a basic first aid kit with standard bandages and ointments, whereas a large yacht that is out to sea for days at a time with a large crew will require a much larger supply of first aid items.

Plan for each trip

Make sure to revisit your first aid supplies before you leave the dock. Are you going fishing, cruising, or racing? Consider whether anyone on board has allergies (is there an Epi-Pen?) or serious health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. You can buy off-the-shelf first aid kits or assemble a custom first aid kit — just make sure that your first aid supplies are kept in a waterproof container so they aren’t damaged by water, humidity, or moisture. And watch for expiration dates on all medications and ointments!

Remember, it’s just as important to review your comprehensive yacht insurance or boat insurance before a trip, as it is to review your first aid supplies. We can help! Contact the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to review your policies.

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