Finding Time for Boating

marinaIs your yacht sitting at the dock more than she’s out in the water? (Are you making sure you have comprehensive yacht insurance to cover your investment when you’re sailing or docked?)

We’re boating enthusiasts ourselves, and we get it. No matter how much you love boating, there are so many other things that can limit the time you can spend doing what you love. Overtime at work. Celebrations or special events you can’t miss. Storms and squalls! Household projects. Getting home to let the dog out.

Our yacht insurance specialists have some ideas to help you spend more time on the water with friends and family:

  • Host a gathering. If plans are underway for a family celebration or get-together with friends, offer to host on board your yacht.
  • Telecommute to work. If you can work away from the office, carve out some workspace on your yacht. An office with a view!
  • Educate yourself, encourage family members and friends to take some boating courses with you to expand your crew options. Too often, we don’t go out if we don’t have enough help; and modern schedules can make that a challenge. But with more potential crewmates to draft, the options increase!
  • Make plans with other boating enthusiasts. If you agree to meet up with other people, it’s not as easy to put off getting yourself down to the marina and your boat out onto the water.
  • Watch for events you can enjoy from the water, perhaps fireworks on the Fourth of July or spending time at the beach. Sometimes making plans to be somewhere is motivation to find time for boating.
  • Bring the dog along for your next yachting adventure (bring a crate just in case he doesn’t have sea legs!). If it doesn’t work, find a dog daycare or pet sitter so you can go boating and not worry about getting home.
  • Schedule your boating time. Time management experts say that when we put things in our datebooks or mark them on the calendar, we’re more likely to follow through. Knowing how good boating is for the soul – fresh air, stress reduction, exercise, laughter – it makes sense to make regular time for boating a priority.

When you spend time with your family and friends on the water, your investment in your yacht, fuel, and yacht insurance are more than worth it!

Inspired to go boating? Check your yacht insurance coverage with the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage at competitive rates this boating season.

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