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Family Boating Activities

Many of our boat insurance clients are families with a wide spread of ages. Boating is an excellent opportunity for fun activities they can all enjoy together. Here are some of our best ideas for boating families:

Appreciate nature: Bring along binoculars and a bird book and watch for birds while you cruise the coast or lakeshore. Watch for other wildlife, whether whales, seals, otters, beavers or a moose. If you enjoy organized games, you can create a wildlife bingo and offer a prize for the first to fill their card.

Go fishing: Even the tiniest tots can get involved in fishing off the boat, and it’s up to you whether you fish for the next meal or catch and release. You can hold a fishing derby, where the one to catch the biggest or most exotic fish wins!

Try new water sports: Learning new sports is a great way to make memories together. Rent gear so you can explore multiple options without a commitment. Possibilities include water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, wakeboarding or surfing if you are boating where you can catch some big waves.

Encourage a spirit of adventure: Explore, pick new lakes for boating (check your boat insurance coverage to make sure you’re covered for trailering your boat before you go). You could also chart a new course on ocean waters and stop to camp at the local campgrounds. Research local tourist spots, museums, activities, and places of interest that you can investigate during your boating excursions.

Enjoy the downtime: One of the best things about boating is enjoying time for rest. Drop anchor and enjoy a picnic or dining together at a lakeside restaurant. Swim in the water off your boat, float in an inner tube or visit the beach. Bring along your favorite books (maybe books for boat lovers) and some board games (don’t forget some yummy snacks) and enjoy your time together.

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Family time is always better when you are on the water. Take plenty of photos. Write down some of the highlights of your adventures, either for your scrapbook or to publish on social media. You will enjoy looking back on all your beautiful memories.

Before you take off, make sure you have the best boat insurance coverage for your vessel and your family. Contact Global Marine Insurance for a complimentary review of all your boat insurance needs.

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