Do You Have Enough Insurance?

yachtMany boat and yacht owners ask, “What’s the point of having yacht insurance coverage if you don’t have enough?”

Rather than gambling with your marine investment, a better approach is to be shrewd about the coverage you choose. When you shop yacht insurance coverage, get quotes on premiums from marine insurance experts. Would a Hollywood camera operator take a film camera to the pharmacy photo shop? No. The service required is specialized and the camera needs to be seen by someone trained in this technological niche.

In the same way, don’t rely on just any insurance company to provide your yacht coverage. Only a top yacht insurance company like Global Marine Insurance will have the right products and unparalleled expertise.

Marine insurance specialists offer recreational boaters and yacht enthusiasts additional options:

  • Agreed Value versus Actual Cash coverage
  • Additional coverage for salvage, including pollution fines and crew
  • Extra coverage for Waver of Depreciation or Replacement Value
  • Personal effects coverage
  • Additional coverage for towing or trailering
  • Coverage for tenders and life rafts
  • Storm protection
  • Coverage if you live aboard your boat

In the event of theft, vandalism, accident, or disaster the right insurance coverage will protect your investment and personal financial situation. Liability is a concern for all boat owners; many marinas require minimum personal liability insurance before they will let you moor your vessel.

Ready to find out more about specialized yacht insurance? Call the marine insurance specialists at Global Marine Insurance to determine if you are adequately insured.

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