Communities Invest in Boating & Marine Business

Boating season brings with it, a cash infusion from local and visiting boating enthusiasts. Communities are working hard to prepare so that they fully benefit from the opportunity and continue to attract boaters. A critical component is ensuring that boating infrastructure is completed on time or at least creates minimal downtime.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how various communities across the United States are investing in boating:

Albany, NY – Not only does a recent capital spending plan call for $40 million to be spent to upgrade the canals, but the Canal Corporation offered $2.5 million for ideas to bring more business and tourism to their historic canals. A panel is reviewing more than 145 entries and will choose finalists in April.

Port Angeles, WA – The city of Port Angeles will be welcoming boaters to their city pier this summer thanks to a federal Boating Infrastructure Tier II grant and real estate excise taxes. Six new mooring floats will be in place by June, replacing floats removed in 2012. The upgraded docks boast a permeable, metal surface that is less slippery than the previous wooden surface on the old floats. Additionally, an 80-foot gangway is replacing a steep 40-foot ramp, which makes it much more inviting to pedestrians (and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act!).

Salisbury, MD – Work is set to begin soon on the new east-side Riverside boat ramp (but it is unlikely it will be ready for the start of boating season). It is the only public boat ramp in Wicomico County, and the rebuild has been delayed slightly to ensure it complies with the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Construction is estimated to take six weeks, and the parks director says boaters will have access to the lot and the west-side ramp in the meantime.

There’s no doubt that boating is essential to local economies. Investing in recreational and commercial boating reaps financial dividends for local government and businesses.

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