Camping on Your Boat

Your overnight camping options increase when you have a boat. There are countless destinations along the coast and on inland lakes and rivers where you can embark on a camping adventure sure to create incredible memories, but what do you bring?

Having your boat or yacht as basecamp may give you the feeling of unlimited space but you’ll find soon enough that excess gear can feel cluttered. On the other hand, no one wants to be without necessities.

Here are some things to consider as you plan for camping on your boat:

Packable sizes: Think of the storage space on your boat and pack accordingly. You’ll want to bring bags and containers that will slip under berths, seats and into bench storage spots. For instance, bringing two small vs. a large one that you can’t tuck away.

Need versus want: Bring essentials – from clothing to food to recreational activities. Pack clothing that is easily interchanged and dries quickly (and bring more than one swimsuit for each person so that you have one to wear while you wait for the other to dry). If you plan your trip route, you may also be able to plan stops along the way to replenish your food supplies. Then you can just stock up on essential non-perishables. Similarly, bring along games or books that you know you’ll use and leave the rest at home.

Think safety: Before you start your voyage, replenish your first aid kit, fill prescription medications, and check your lifejackets to ensure you have enough for each passenger–and that they’re in good condition. Make time to review your boat insurance coverage before you leave so that you know you’re sufficiently covered during your trip. And most importantly, file a Float Plan before you leave.

Have good sun sense: You’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. Pack sunscreen, sunhats (that won’t blow off) and water shoes so you can quickly move from boat to water, to shore without worrying that you’ll lose your footwear.

Expect the unexpected: Depending on the weather, you might encounter campfire bans or soggy days. Be prepared for changes in weather and perhaps bring along a propane stove in case you can’t roast your dinner over an open fire.

Happy camping on ship or shore, contact our friendly boat insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to discuss your coverage before your departure.

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