Global Marine Insurance: Buying Your First Boat

Buying a boat is an exciting time, but it could easily become one of the biggest investments you will make besides your house, so it’s a good idea to bear a few things in mind before you set off for the showroom, auction or craigslist. Here’s some food for thought while you look for your first boat.

First of all, it may seem obvious, but since this could be a big investment you want to be certain that boating is something you will enjoy. If you haven’t spent much time on the water take a few boat trips with friends to get experience. If you are not lucky enough to have an invitation to go boating it’s also a great idea to rent or charter a boat similar to what you are considering purchasing and spend some time enjoying the water. You can also water test boats that you are considering to get a feel for how a particular boat handles.

Another important factor is the time and labor required to maintain different vessels. Some boats are relatively low maintenance while others require a lot of attention. Think about where you will store the boat on and off-season, how you will transport it, which will perform regular maintenance, cost of fuel, what boat insurance company you will use and how much your boat insurance coverage will cost. There may be other things to consider as well including finding and paying for a marina slip or installing a dock.

It’s likely you are already aware of many of the responsibilities of boat ownership and are still enthusiastically shopping. If that’s the case then it’s just a matter of matching the needs of you and your family with the right boat. You will want to take into consideration the lakes that you live near as well as vacation spots that you may enjoy taking your boat to. You can speak with other boaters that live near you and visit your local boat dealer to get an idea of the best-sized vessel for the lakes you want to use.

Next you should imagine how you and your family and friends will be using the boat. Are you a sailor traveling long distances with a lot of time on your hands? Will you want to spend the majority of your days fishing? Are you or your kids water sport enthusiasts or will your boat serve as a floating island for friends to relax and enjoy the sunshine? You can select a boat that does one thing extremely well, or if you have lots of interests there are many “cross over” boats that good at doing a little of everything. Attending boat shows visiting your local dealership and speaking with a boat dealer are all great ways to help you determine what boat is best for you and help you find it.

Once you think you have selected the right boat for you call your boat insurance company and provide them with the VIN number so they can quote your boat insurance (or get your boat insurance quote online). This way you have everything ready to go the day you take your new boat home and you don’t have to waste any time getting it in the water and enjoying it. If you are purchasing a used boat you may also want to pay a boat dealership a nominal fee for a professional inspection prior to the purchase. If you have any questions about boat insurance rates for the vessel you are shopping for feel free to get a boat insurance quote online or call Global Marine Insurance to speak with a boat insurance representative today.

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