Bracing for Hurricane Irma

‘Brace for Hurricane Irma’ is the phrase repeated on the news today. This powerful category five hurricane is expected to impact Florida and Georgia. According to CNN, Irma will join the ranks of only three other category five hurricanes to hit the U.S.; the 1935 “Labor Day” hurricane, 1969 Camille and 1992 Andrew. Irma poses a grave threat to the state of Florida and the Georgia coastline.

Although based in Michigan, our marine insurance team has family, clients, employees, and friends located in the path of the hurricane. Times like these are the reason we provide insurance. While Florida and Georgia’s residents are securing property and evacuating we are preparing to provide support and assistance to our clients that may need to file claims in the aftermath. We are grateful for the leading insurance carriers that we have developed long-term relationships with and trust them to help make our clients whole after the inevitable material losses many will endure.

Material losses, however, are of minimal importance compared to your safety. We urge everyone in Southern Florida ordered to evacuate to do so. While it is prudent to take actions to protect your property, your safety is crucial.

According to HUB International Crisis Resource Center, winds over 150 miles are expected to hit southern Florida over the weekend, people will likely be out of electricity for an undetermined duration, and over 100,000 people may need shelter. Hurricane Irma has already taken at least 20 lives. Everyone in its path, please stay safe, our thoughts are with you, and we will assist you with claims afterward.


Florida shelter locations:

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CNN Hurricane Irma:

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