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Mar 30, 2017 | Boat Insurance, technology | 0 comments

Technology is making more than a few waves in the boating industry. The ideas and innovations are astoundingly futuristic.

joystick-pilotingBoaters of a certain age will remember arcades and the hours spent enjoying virtual reality with joystick controls. Guess what?  Mercury is offering Joystick control modifications for a variety of vessels.

Their incredible technology provides 360-degree steering so that you can move your boat as you wish (their website says sideways or diagonally) in the water or onto a trailer. Mercury sells joystick piloting for pod drives, sterndrives, outboards, and inboards. Are you in?

FLIR Ocean Scout TKEver wish you had bionic vision? Wish has been granted by the FLIR Ocean Scout TK marine thermal handheld camera. This incredible technological innovation uses heat (not light) to give you images of your surroundings. This means greater vision when you’re out boating no matter the time of day, how blinding the sunshine, or how brutal the weather.

Their website says that the thermal camera starts up quickly and is not only submersible but durable enough to withstand harsh marine conditions. Not only can you use it to look out for trouble spots or to find pets or people overboard, but you can store up to a thousand images or even record thermal video. It sells for $599.

Surf Band by MalibuAnother cool gadget that caught the eye of our boat insurance specialists is the Surf Band by Malibu Boats. Waterskiing or wakeboarding has gone high tech with this nifty patented wristband. Strap the Surf Band on and communicate with whoever is driving your boat via the intuitive interface.

Technology has the potential to make boating safer, however, don’t forget to check that your boat insurance is up-to-date and adequate; it is critical for recreational and commercial boaters no matter what technology you may use. Call the marine specialists at Global Marine Insurance to discuss options for boat insurance.


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