Boating Destinations – Off the Grid

Ranger Tug YachtWhen you crave time away – really away – from work and the demands of life, our yacht insurance specialists are happy to share how they unplug from the daily grind.

The best thing about boating is that you can get to places that are completely off the grid. You can honestly tell your employer and colleagues you are away and can’t be reached.

Here are the destinations our yacht insurance specialists recommend if you want to get away from it all:

Tofino, British Columbia – the stunningly rugged coastline of Canada’s west coast is exemplified on this gorgeous favorite surfing spot on Vancouver Island. It’s easy to unplug here and soak in the sea and sky rather than stay connected to your cell phone.

San Agustinillo, Mexico – completely removed from digital distractions, this beachfront village hearkens back to times past. There is a small resort here, endless waves, and the incredible Oaxaca rainforest. Of course, there are many other wonderful places to explore along Mexico’s coast that will keep you off the grid.

Havana, Cuba – Now that Americans are permitted to travel by sea to Cuba, there are several impressive destinations awaiting discovery. Why not start with Havana, the capital city, celebrated for its diverse architectural beauty, ranging from Spanish colonial to Baroque. There’s plenty to do and see – none of it on a screen!

Big Sur, California – in between San Francisco and Los Angeles is the spectacular central coast of California. Big Sur has long been a getaway favored by those who want seclusion and no distractions aside from mountains, redwoods, and beaches.

The Florida Keys – boating bliss is found amid the approximate 1,700 islands that comprise the Florida Keys. There are beaches, stunning ocean views, and coral reefs as well as onshore accommodations here.

Wherever your adventure takes you, take a few minutes before your trip to ensure that your yacht insurance or boat insurance has you fully protected for the duration of your voyage.

We do offer coverage for off-the-grid destinations like Cuba even though others in our industry do not. Check with us to ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage and then you can truly relax when you unplug.

Our yacht insurance specialists at Global Marine Insurance can quickly review your coverage to ensure that you have what you need for your trip. We can answer any questions you may have about your boat insurance policy.

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