Boat to Be in the Moment

Do you ever wish that you could just unplug? Research shows that about nine in 10 American adults own cell phones (about two-thirds use smartphones) and many feel constant connectivity and distraction to be the new normal.

family ski boat

As convenient as it may be to look up things like local goods and services (like boat insurance!), society seems to be losing human connection thanks to devices and Wifi.

It’s time to reclaim down time and there’s no better way to be really present with those you love than to go out on the water. Listening to the waves and looking out at the horizon is relaxing and good for the soul in a way that staring at images on your phone can never be.

American teens have adults beat for hours online. Stats show that teens enjoy nearly 10 hours of screen time a day while tweens rate somewhere around six hours. It’s easy to see that social media, games, and other online diversions are probably getting MUCH more attention than family members and friends in real life.

Boating together – with cell phones and devices locked away while you’re on the water (except if you’re using any of the handy new boating apps!) – puts you and your loved ones in close proximity with no outside distractions. Whether your goal is to enjoy some adventure or relaxation together, out on the water is the perfect environment to enjoy shared experiences and make some wonderful memories.

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