Global Marine Insurance: Live Aboard Boating – the Good & Bad

Many boat owners have at one time or another considered actually living on their vessel, but there are a number of issues to consider before you take the plunge. Talk to people at the local marina who live aboard and see what the real issues are from their point of view. Here are some of the common benefits and drawbacks that live aboard boaters face.


1. If you can’t get enough of the water then you will love waking up everyday and going asleep afloat. Some people just love the calm rocking feeling of being afloat.

2. Best sunsets and sunrises a person can find. You can’t compete with the view from a boat. You have the opportunity to be close to nature on a daily basis without having to buy a lot of real estate.

3. No longer worry about finding enough time for boating. If you are currently traveling a long way to get to your boat and are having trouble finding the time to use it then living on your boat solves that dilemma.

4. Fresh Air – Fresh air is good for the body and soul and you will have your fill drinking your coffee on the deck each morning.

5. No yard maintenance. If you dread mowing the lawn, putting down mulch and weeding the gardens then this is a big perk.

6. Adventure – Freedom to travel and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. You can hoist anchor wherever and whenever you want and meet interesting new people on your various voyages. If you are traveling abroad make sure to check with your boat insurance company to see if you have ample coverage.


1. Expenses – As with everything else, it is very important to evaluate the real costs of living aboard a boat. It can be a lot cheaper than living in a house, but remember that you will have a number of essential expenses, such as boat insurance coverage. Draw up a list of outgoings and see whether they add up. In particular, make an informed estimate of maintenance costs, marina fees, taxes, depreciation, eating out probably much more often and boat insurance rates, which will vary depending on the type of vessel you own. Since boat insurance is a primary concern you may want to consider working with a company that specializes in boat insurance.

2. Maintenance – You may not have a large home or yard to maintain, but boats are not maintenance free. You will have some maintenance responsibilities and depending on your boat they may be significant.

3. Space – You will also need to be willing to scale down quite a bit, which can prove problematic for some, especially if they have accumulated a lot of possessions over several decades of family living in a regular house.

4. Nesting – Some people actually sail less once they turn their boat into their new home due to all of the cozy extras that they buy and are resistant to stow away in order to sail.

5. Limited Slips – Depending on where you are located slip availability can be scare. You may need to get on a waiting list years in advance to acquire a slip in the marina that you want. Some marinas only allot 10% of their slips for liveaboard boats.

Live aboard boating can be a very rewarding experience if you are prepared and understand the challenges. If you are considering liveaboard boating make sure that you do your homework and have reasonable expectations. When you are ready to receive a boat insurance quote you can contact a Global Marine boat insurance representative here or receive a fast boat insurance quote online.

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