Global Marine Insurance: Jet Powered Boats – Pros & Cons

The relative advantages and disadvantages of jet-powered boats is a question frequently asked by newcomers to the world of boating.


• Supreme maneuverability, being able to accelerate quickly and make sharp turns. The driver is able to redirect the thrust from the jet nozzle instantly making the boat very responsive.

• Speed – Jet boats are known for their ability to move quickly.

• No sharp propeller in the water that can hurt swimmers.

• Shallow Draft and lack of a protruding propeller means that the boat can easily access shallow water, making them ideal for lake cruising and easier to get to and from shore. Jet boats are also less likely to hit stumps or rocks in the water.


• In very shallow water debris can be stirred up from the bottom and get into the intakes, while other items, such as old fishing lines and garbage can also become entangle in the jets. All these objects can cause damage and so must be removed as soon as possible. This may mean you must take a dip in the cold water to pull weeds out of the intake.

• Maneuvering at slow speeds is also more difficult than with a propeller driven boat and their fast takeoffs can make water sports a little more challenging.

• If you need repairs you may need to look harder to find a mechanic that specialize in them.

• Jet boats guzzle fuel as much as they crave speed.

• Selling a jet boat may also prove to be more difficult than selling a propeller-powered craft, because they are not as popular.

• The sportier the boat the more boat insurance coverage will cost. If you own a jet boat it’s a good idea to work with a boat insurance company that specializes specifically in boat insurance so that they are equipped to provide you with the customized coverage that you need at a good value.

A jet boat can be an excellent choice if you are looking for speed and maneuverability. If you are considering a specific boat you can contact Global Marine Insurance for a boat insurance quote or get a boat insurance quote online.

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