Best Yachting in Florida

Red-Hull-InsideWhere do you find the best yachting in Florida? Our Florida yacht insurance specialists were unanimous on this: Take your pick because the Sunshine State offers several fantastic yachting destinations.

If you want to enjoy yachting in the Atlantic near Florida, the subtropical climate makes sailing pleasant all year long. That said, most yachting enthusiasts will recommend spring from March to May and the end of November into December as the best times to enjoy this area of the United States.

The coldest time is generally the end of December into January and February. Summer can be beautiful in Florida, but it is also hurricane season from June to November.

The intense storm activity typical of this region makes comprehensive Florida yacht insurance an imperative. You must take into account these special weather concerns for yachting as well as liability and crew coverage.

Here are some of the top destinations for yachting in Florida:

The Florida Keys – Off the southern tip of Florida you will find a stunning string of islands surrounded by a beautiful turquoise ocean. This archipelago, with its swaying palm trees and spectacular coral reef, is very popular with the yachting community. Key West, the island city that is just 90 miles north of Cuba, offers a picturesque old town with terrific food, charming coach homes, and laid-back residents who make the stop all the more enjoyable. Another wonderful destination in the Florida Keys is Islamorada, home to the first-class Plantation Yacht Harbor.

Fort Lauderdale – While many of us associate Fort Lauderdale with riotous youth enjoying Spring Break, it is also a popular yachting destination. Not only will you find a busy cultural scene and top-rated restaurants, but a good place to seek repairs, maintenance, or electronic upgrades and installations.

Punta Gorda – Hurricane Charley hit this beautiful coastal city hard in 2004, but it has been rebuilt with great care. (If you’ve ever wondered whether Florida boat insurance is really a necessity, quickly read about the devastation Charley caused for the residents and visitors at Punta Gorda.) Not only will you find all the right amenities for mariners here, but also a park, trails, and a stunning Harbor walk that leads to shops and restaurants.

Stuart – Nestled along Florida’s Treasure Coast, where 18th Century Spanish galleons with their cargoes of gold and precious items were shipwrecked, is an historic city that has preserved an old-world feeling in its restored downtown. Here in the “Saltfish Capital of the World,” you’ll enjoy poking around little shops and galleries and a wonderful variety of fine restaurants. If you like to spend time on the beach, you must make your way to the lovely ones found not too far from Stuart on Hutchinson Island.

St. Petersburg – This historic city is found on the peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, so it is probably not surprising that it boasts an average of 361 days of sunshine a year. Consequently, “The Sunshine City” is a pretty sure bet for anyone looking for good weather, but it is also celebrated for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Not only are there amenities aplenty, but you’ll find the calm water suitable for sailing, fishing, and other water recreation.

No matter where you go yachting in Florida, you will find interesting and diverse destinations. Contact the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to ensure your Florida boat insurance policies offer you the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

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